Starting at $22.99/mo

Mama Boxes

Delightful care packages for expecting moms during their pregnancy.
Delivered each trimester during her pregnancy.


1. Sign Up

Give as a gift or subscribe for yourself. You can buy one trimester box or all three! We'll email you to see which box to start with.

2. Get Ready

The lucky mama will be packed a Mama Box with products are are specific to her trimester. 

3. Enjoy

Each Mama Box will be full of up to ten sample or full size products the Mama will love.

Mama Boxes are a great way to find out about pregnancy-related products that you may not have heard of before but that may just be perfect for you. 

Gugu Guide

Mama Boxes are a band new-nothing like it-one of a kind concept 

Sweet Pea Births

I was extremely pleased with my Mama Box and had a blast exploring all the products. 

Mommy University

Get a Trimester Box

Order for yourself at any stage of your pregnancy. We'll ship you boxes with great products to help your pregnancy. 


How often will my subscription be re-billed?

 If you are giving Mama Boxes as a gift, you will not be rebilled. If you are subscribing for yourself, you will be rebilled at the end of your term. We will do our best to watch your due date and cancel your subscription for you after your baby arrives.

How many items should I expect in each of the Mama Boxes?

We try to include around 10 items in each box. These will be samples, and some full size items, to try during that trimester of your pregancy. 

What's in the box?

Great question! Checkout our " What's Inside" page to see.